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Bone-Fu is the culmination of more than 25 years teaching trombone privately in NYC.  These books contain the tools and techniques that I've used to successfully teach beginners and advanced students alike.  They're the books that I wish I'd had when I first starting teaching.

Do you want to learn to read notes and rhythms in record time?  Would you like to learn to play ten beginner songs?  Start with Bone-Fu:  First Songs.  Are you a beginner working to develop your technique and train your ear?  Bone-Fu: Daily Exercises Volume 1 is a perfect place to start.  If you're more of an intermediate/advanced student then begin with Bone-Fu: Daily Exercise Volume 2.  Are you interested in learning your Major and minor scales in record time and in a way that's intuitive and fun?  Bone-Fu: Scales You Need to Know is your answer.

Songs You Need to Know
is exactly what it claims to be:  84 songs that every well rounded musician should know, in the best keys for the trombone.  Tiny Etudes is a three volume collection of lessons specially designed to build technique and make you a better trombone player.

I'm thrilled to share this knowledge with you, and I'm confident that these books will make you a better player and a more effective teacher.

BF First Songs

Bone-Fu: First Songs is unlike any other beginner method you've tried.  You'll learn to read pitches on the staff in under five minutes.  You'll learn to read basic rhythms easily and effectively.  There's also ten beginner songs, with lessons to help you play them.

  • Frère Jacques

  • Hot Cross Buns

  • Jingle Bells

  • Lightly Row

  • London Bridge

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb

  • Ode to Joy

  • Old MacDonald

  • This Old ManTwinkle

  • Twinkle Little Star

BF-First Songs-Portrait.jpg

Bone-Fu: Volume 1 contains daily exercises specially crafted for the beginning trombone player.  You'll learn:

  • The parts of the trombone

  • How to 'map' the instrument

  • The definition of an interval

  • How to find half steps and whole steps

  • How to make a sound, articulate and play your first notes

Plus exercise that work on Long Tones, Flexibility & Articulation

BF-Volume 1-Portrait.jpg
BF Volume 1

Bone-Fu: Daily Exercises Volume 2 contains all of the exercises that I use in my daily practice routine.  It's meant for intermediate to advanced players.  This is my own take on how to practice the fundamentals that every trombonist needs to be successful.

Long Tones.  Flexibility.  Articulation.

Practice them every day.


Practice them the Bone-Fu way.

BF-Volume 2-Portrait.jpg
BF Volume 2

Bone-Fu:  Scales You Need to Know is an innovative new way to learn and master scales that's suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Major and minor scales and arpeggios.  We know that its important to practice them.  We're all familiar with the 'memorize the key signature and read the scale on the staff' approach, but is there a better way?

Click here to learn more and try out your first scales.

BF ScalesYNK

Songs You Need to Know in the best keys for trombone.  84 of them to be exact.  Plus a bonus section on how to read and understand key signatures.

Click here to see the full list of songs.

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