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things I've made

Have you ever broken your wrist?  It makes playing the trombone pretty challenging, and playing the piano even more challenging.
Within every obstacle there is usually the potential for some initially unforeseen benefit.  If you can't play the piano with two hands for 6 weeks, then you write music with one hand and put it all together once everything is working correctly again.
Five Songs for Ten Fingers is the music that I wrote.
I'm a big fan of defining a structure for yourself, and then working to create something within that structure.
Over the years I've experimented with different versions  of 52 Weeks challenges.  The basic idea is that you give yourself the goal to create one new 'thing' ever week for 52 weeks.  The thing can be a drawing, it can be a sculpture.  It can be an essay, it can be a piece of music.  Basically as long as its something concrete that you've made that you can share with the world it counts as a 'thing'.  The goal is not to make perfect things, but to practice putting things out into the world on a consistent basis.
This is some of the music that I wrote for one of my first 52 Things challenges.
Some of the music I've written for short films...
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