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Tiny Duets





Small scale collaborations between two human beings.

I play a melody, you play a melody.

Let’s see how the sounds you make dance with the sounds that I make.

'Tiny Duets' started with a tiny idea...

Get out of the house and meet new people?  Check.

Build new repertoire for the trombone and other instruments?  Check.

Real connections between real people in the real world.  Everybody wins.

- I'll reach out to another musician

- We'll get together and improvise/co-create some music

- I'll record, transcribe/arrange the session

- We'll share writing credit for the resulting ‘tiny duet’

What is this?
"It sounds like a wonderful project and I'd love to be involved, but I'm not a composer, and I don't improvise."

When I first began exploring the 'tiny duets' concept several years ago, I faced a lot of resistance and received a lot of polite 'no thank you's' from those without any training in improvisation.

What seemed at first like an obstacle was ultimately extremely beneficial.  I was forced to fully develop and codify tools and techniques that I'd been using in my own study of improvisation for the last 25 years.  With these methods in hand I was able to begin a collaborative process that has so far been extremely fulfilling and fruitful.  I've worked with everything from experienced improvisers, to complete beginners.  Along the way we've written some really interesting music.  You'll find some of it below.

"Ok, you've convinced me!  Let's write a duet together!
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